The Right Team for the Job

intoGO needed a range of design, marketing, and consultation services on this project, so they took their time picking the right agency. S4’s ability to collaborate with intoGo’s internal team as well as Ruby on Rails shop Hashrocket on strategy and UX put us at the top of the list.


S4 created new wireframes and designed comps for the app that strongly influenced the look of the final app. To showcase intoGo’s features and interface, we a designed a clean and easy-to-use promotional site.

Bringing in the Big Brains

S4’s relationship with intoGo included collaborating with their team on the initial strategy and business model. Through user testing and competitive analysis, we zeroed in on the app’s unique offerings to create a clear value proposition. Then we developed a detailed business plan that included marketing and cost analyses, expenses, and projection models.